What people say about us

At BFEJ we are proud of the work we do.  This page is dedicated to the views and comments people have made about our school, our children adn the good work we do here every day.  Click on the links below to hear what people have to say.



A message from Alice Clarke, University of Brighton PGCE student (Now full time class teacher)


I’m currently in my final term as an NQT at Broadfield East Junior School and have so far, loved every second of my time here! Last year, during my PGCE, I was on placement at the school in a Year 4 class (the year group I am now part of). On beginning my placement, I was blown away by the ethos of Crawley schools despite having been initially apprehensive about working in an area I knew nothing about. Throughout my relatively short PGCE placement, I was soon completely taken with the school’s dedication to the children’s learning and their genuine passion for the wellbeing of every child in the school. Due to this, as well as a fantastic mentoring programme, I was determined to gain a teaching position at the school.

Now, having worked as an official member of staff for two terms, my rose tinted glasses have yet to wane. I have been fortunate enough to have an NQT mentor who is both supportive and challenging and who betters my practice with every observation and NQT meeting; furthermore, I have felt continuous support from every member of staff who have helped to make my first year of teaching as seamless as possible. Now with the finish line in sight, I am eager to remain with the school throughout its exciting amalgamation with the infant school (next door) and to be part of what I know will be an incredible new primary academy.