Have you seen Monty the Penguin?

Winter is a very magical time of year at Broadfield East Junior School.  Monty the Penguin is a special visitor who comes to spend time in our school and last year had such fun playing in the school tree, hearing the carol concert and enjoying his Christmas dinner with us all.

The children are getting worried, the school is preparing for its winter celebrations and Monty the penguin has yet to be seen? Where is he?  What is he up to?  Will he be coming back to school this year?  Keep checking in with this page to see if Monty has been spotted around our school!



This was Monty the Penguin, last year, in our Christmas tree.  He has a glistening white body, a pointy (and quite sharp) beak and 2 flippers.  Last year he was wearing a blue and white striped scarf and we suspect he has got it on again this year too.

Check back tomorrow to see any new pictures of where Monty the Penguin has been spotted!

Monty CCTV
Mr Clawson has spotted something interesting on the school CCTV system...Could this be Monty the Penguin arriving at Broadfield?  Mr Clawson ran (sorry walked!) to find Mrs Markham and let her know.  Mrs Markham has been to his office to look at the footage!  She agrees...Monty the Penguin has entered the building!
Monty signing
Hello...who's this little sparkly fellow signing in at the front entrance.  He has been spotted signing into the school visitors' book by Mrs Yule and Mrs Kirkin!  Good boy Monty...every visitor must be signed in and accounted for!
Monty's Signature
Well, well, well!  Proof indeed, look what Mrs Markham and Mr Tow found written in the signing in book.  MONTY THE PENGUIN IS BACK!  We are sure that after such a long trip he has popped off to find a quiet place in school to have a well earned snooze.  (Do penguins snore?  I really don't know! Perhaps we should find out?)  All we need to do now is follow some clues to find out where he has been in school!  Where could he be?  In the Christmas tree?  In the Llibrary?  On the playground? Please help us find him children.  LET THE SEARCH BEGIN!
Monty School Rules
MONTY HAS BEEN SPOTTED!  Good boy Monty - checking he still knows the school rules!  If you can keep to the school code you are a very welcome visitor Monty.
Monty Jumper
Mrs Markham spotted Monty in one of the classrooms!  Was it your classroom? Monty's Mum bought him a new school jumper.  Apparently she told him he would grow into it.  I wonder how long that will take you Monty!
Monty New Class
Who's this spotted in a Year 4 classroom - Monty is very impressed with all of our new classrooms.  Hang on a minute, who is he talking to?  Let's take a closer look!
Monty Old Friend
Well, well, well...Monty has been spotted catching up with one of his frosty friends in one of the new purple classrooms?  I wonder if anyone in these rooms spotted him?  Is he still in there?  Could he be in a different classroom now?  After all, there are many different classrooms to check!  Remember, if you do find Monty, bring hime ot Mrs Markham and shout, "MRS MARKHAM...I"VE FOUND MONTY!"  She will be soooooooooo happy!
Monty Healthy Lunch
MONTY SPOTTED!  Monty has been checking his lunch box to make sure he has healthy food for his midday meal!  What a big lunch box for such a small penguin.  You'll need a snooze after all that healthy food Monty.  Was he in your cloakroom?
Monty changing book
Good boy Monty, you have returned all the books you were hiding at home.  Make sure you do lots of reading over the Christmas holiday too!
Monty Copying
Naughty Monty!  You know only the adults are allowed to use the photocopier!  Thank you for trying to help though...
Monty China
Oh!  My super Chinese Slippers!  Thank you for finding them Monty.  
Monty Abacus
Good boy Monty.  You have been using the abacus to help you count.
Monty Mathletics
Even better Monty...You have been using your Mathletics account to become the best penguin in town!  Not easy with only 2 flippers and no fingers!
Monty Post
Oooooh!  Mrs Markham snapped this shot of Monty as he posted a letter to someone in our school post box.  Can you see who he was writing to?... clearly Monty is keen on fire safety too!  We are getting close to tracking him down.  I wonder if we will find him before the end of term?