Broadfield East Junior School and Broadfield East Infant and Nursery School have recently joined to become one Governing Body in preparation for the amalgamation of the two schools. We have a board of governors who work collaboratively and in partnership with the Headteachers to set the school vision and ensure the highest standards for all of our pupils.  Outstanding champions of the local community, our governors come from a range of backgrounds and have many different skills.  No member having individual decision making powers, governors are excellent team members who act collectively to hold the headteacher to account against the whole school priorities.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Governing body, please contact them through the school office.

Our Governing Body

(Please note, the Headteaher is automatically a member of the Governing Body)

Dick Brown

(Chair of Governors)

Image of Dick

Information about Dick and his role

David Tow

(Headteacher Ex-Officio)

Image of Dave

Information about Dave and his role

Elizabeth Harrison

(Headteacher Ex-Officio)

Image of Elizabeth

Information about Elizabeth and her role

Caroline Hawkins

(Vice Chair of Governors)

Image of Caroline

Information about Caroline and her role

Verna Cannan

(Appointed Governor)

Image of Verna Information about Verna and her role

Heather Lambert

(Parent Governor)

Image of Heather

Information about Heather and her role

Wendy Brown

(Staff Governor)

Image of Wendy

Information about Wendy and her role


Catherine Lewis

(Staff Governor)


Image of Catherine



Information about Catherine and her role




Aamna Ahmed

(Parent Governor)


Image of Aamna

Information about Aamna and her role


Jacqueline Nunn

(Staff Governor)


Image of Jacqueline



Information about Jacqueline and her role




Hilary Douch

(Staff Governor)


Image of Hilary

Information about Hilary and her role


Lisa Price

(Staff Governor)


Image of Lisa Information about Lisa and her role


Kerry Kirkin



Image of Kerry



Information about Kerry and her role




Leavers in current and previous academic year

Jim McGough

(Chair of Governors)

Start date: September 2013

End date: 20th March 2016

Declaration of interests - Chair of both schools on 09.10.15

Maria Chiware

(Vice Chair of Governors)

Start date:

End date:



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