Enrichment Clubs

Our children have access to 16 clubs on Tuesday afternoons!

We are keen to give all of our pupils the best opportinuties to engage in learning across a wide range of subjects.  To support this vision, we have established a new enrichment programme for all of the children at our school.

Every Tuesday our school becomes  a centre of cross year group learning where children take part in 16+ clubs to enrich thier lives and teach them essential skills.

Every teacher and TA works hard to deliver enrichment learning activities from Debating to Cross Country, Origami to Singing and Water Colours to Spanish to name but a few.  Children from Year 6 to Year 3 work together to practise new skills and have great fun in the process.

Each year we ask children to review the full list of enrichment activities and choose 6 of their interests.  Our Deputy Headteacher, Miss Lewis, then works tirelessly to make sure every child manages to attend at least 3 of their choices across the year.

Over one year, each child attends 6 different enrichment learning opportunities, for half an hour each week, and the response from our children so far is wonderful.  Watching this engagement in learning and cross year group interaction is a joy for me as the headteacher. 

For a guide to the enrichment learning clubs we are running in school this year, please see the details below.



Water Colours

Cross Country



Card Making


Team Building







Pulse & Rhythm