Our Curriculum

What are we learning about?

At Broadfield East Junior School we have been changing our curriculum to make sure children are learning the right things at the right time for their stages in development.  We like all of our chidlren to make as much progress as possible and so we keep looking at ways to make sure we are teaching all childrne the right skills at the right times for them.

If you would like to know more about our curriculum, please contact our school office who will be happy to help:


Our curriculum outlines are set our below for each year group.

Year 3 Autumn Curriculum Year 3 Curriculum Newsletter spring image Year 3 summer image
Year 3 Autumn Year 3 Spring Year 3 Summer
Year 4 Autumn Curriculum Year 4 Spring Curriculum Year 4 summer image
Year 4 Autumn Year 4 Spring Year 4 Summer
Year 5 Autumn Curriculum Year 5 spring image Year 5 summer image
Year 5 Autumn Year 5 Spring Year 5 Summer
Year 6 Autumn Curriculum Year 6 Spring Curriculum Year 6 summer image
Year 6 Autumn Year 6 Spring Year 6 Summer