Inspection Reports

Broadfield East Junior School was inspected under Section 8 of the Education Act on 15th July 2014:

 The main outcomes from the inspection letter are detailled below and recognise the excellent work the school has completed and identifies the 2 areas the school needs to improve:

  • Since the inspection you and the leadership team have worked with drive and commitment to address the key areas for improvement
  • As a result there has been a rapid change of culture in the school
  • Staff have a good understanding of the need for urgent improvement and have supported the changes that have been made
  • Expectations have been raised about what pupils can achieve and staff are keen to support pupils to do their best
  • The quality of teaching is improving
  • Staff have benefited from tailored training and support to improve their practice
  • Planning is now more detailed and shows how work is set at the right level for pupils of different abilities
  • Rigorous and frequent checking of this planning is ensuring that a consistent approach is being maintained across the school
  • The school improvement plan is detailed and clearly structured to show how each area for improvement is being tackled and how and when progress will be measured at key points along the way
  • Pupils’ books show they are frequently given detailed advice for their next steps in learning
  • Senior leaders have created a robust system for tracking pupils’ progress
  • All teachers now receive detailed information about how well pupils are doing and they are using this information effectively to give extra support for those pupils who need it
  • Teachers are more aware of pupils’ progress over time and are more accountable for taking action to address any underachievement
  • Recent unvalidated Key Stage 2 results show pupils making better progress than in previous years
  • most pupils who are eligible for pupil premium funding are now achieving as well as their classmates


Section 8 Image
Section 8 Report - 15th July 2014


Broadfield East Junior School was inspected on the 24th and 25th April 2014.

Having made rapid imporvements in many areas, Broadfield East Junior School is recognised as a school with stronger leadership and improving standards.  OFSTED state the strengths of our school are as follows:

  • In recent terms, pupils have made more accelerated progress
  • Pupils supported by pupil premium funding make similar to their classmates
  • Pupils with English as an additional language are supported well
  • Pupils display good attitudes to learning, behave well and feel safe
  • Under new leadership, the pace of improvement has accelerated.  Many new ways of working have been implemented to ensure the teaching and pupils' progress are improving
  • Systems to manage teachers' performacne have been improved
  • The school's promotion of pupils moral and social development is good

We are keen to keep working with our children and parents to continue driving up standards at Broadfield East Junior School.  We welcome OFSTED recognising the hard work we are doing on our journey to becoming a good school.

Thank you to all the children, parents, staff and governors who have worked so hard to begin this journey to 'Good'.  This report is recognition that, together, we have made rapid improvements and we have what it takes to make sure our children receive the very best education.  The school's next steps to help secure the 'Good' Judgement will be published on the school website soon. 

If you would like to read a copy of the full report, please click on the link below.

Section 5 report - 14th April 2014
Broadfiled East Junior School - OFSTED Report - May 2014